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Teleflora Acquires to Offer Discounted Wholesale Prices to North American Florists

Innovative online auction service will help grow profits of Teleflora's 16,500 North American members

Los Angeles, CA-(August 6, 2013)-Teleflora, the world's leading flower delivery service, today announced the acquisition of Toronto-based in a move that will offer discounted wholesale prices on fresh flowers to florists across North America, including more than 15,000 shops in Teleflora's industry-leading network., North America's largest wholesale flower online auction, works with over 200 growers across the world to expand retail offerings and profitability of local florists seeking to increase their profit margins through the purchase of discounted, fresh flowers.

"We think the marriage of the world's largest floral network with the world's most innovative flower wholesale buyer will be a win for Teleflora members and the entire North American floral industry," said Teleflora President Jeff Bennett. "We are excited to offer our member florists a new way to purchase fresh flowers at incredibly low prices. On the flip side, our connection to the network will assist in expanding the Flowerbuyer customer base."

With the exception of the CEO who will be retiring, the core management team intends to stay on, post-acquisition., in business since 1995, is already one of the largest and most successful online wholesale flower-buying services in the world, with more than 2,500 active customers. utilizes an online auction method, giving neighborhood florists a unique opportunity to purchase quality, fresh flowers at bargain, or dramatically reduced prices. Flowers purchased on auctions sourced from high quality growers located primarily in Columbia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and California. At the time of sale, they are either still growing in fresh fields or just arriving at the fulfillment facility, where they are quickly inspected, pre-cooled and shipped."We are excited to leverage the florist network and marketing prowess that Teleflora brings to expand our innovative, price-effective solution to flower-buying needs," said Mike Wisz the Managing Director at Flowerbuyer.

"FlowerBuyer's online auction system is a great way for florists to log on to their computers and choose from a variety of beautiful flowers at prices far below wholesale market value," Bennett said. "Teleflora has been a global leader in deploying technology to help local florists adapt to the 21st century economy. This acquisition is an exciting opportunity for our members to grow their profits. Anyone who has ever gotten a great deal on E-Bay or Priceline knows the huge potential savings you can get using the online auction model."

About Teleflora

Teleflora is the world's leading flower delivery service, connecting customers with the nation's best local florists for more than 75 years. Teleflora has more than 15,000 member florists throughout the United States and Canada, with an additional 20,000 affiliated florists outside North America. By tapping this vast network, Teleflora offers the kind of personal touches, artistry and expertise you expect from a trusted neighborhood florist-even if that neighborhood is across the country. Teleflora is part of the Roll Global LLC family of companies. Accessible online at and or toll-free at 1-800-TELEFLORA, our network of professional florists create artistic arrangements that turn the treasured gesture of a bouquet into a lasting memento. Luxe yet affordable, aspirational yet accessible, Teleflora makes every day an occasion.










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