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Flowerbuyer® was conceived by people who recognized that with the power of the internet there was an opportunity to improve the wholesale flower buying experience for the floral community.

Launching the first North American online auction-based flower-buying site, Flowerbuyer became operational in 1997 with this new innovative approach. Now, Flowerbuyer has several thousand customers, an impeccable reputation and over 400 flower growers to choose from in over 5 countries. provides:

  • Competitive "at-market" prices

  • A convenient, flexible and individualized shopping experience

  • Exceptional customer service

  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Online auctions are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:00 pm EST.

In 2013, Flowerbuyer was acquired by Teleflora. Teleflora is a member of the privately-held The Wonderful Company and is a leading floral service provider with the largest network of member florists.



Please join us. Your time will be well spent.

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