Which Buying Method is Right for You®
You want options, we've got choices.   Choose the buying method right for you.


The Live Internet Auction is where you should be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:00 p.m. EST. You will not only save money but will have fun doing it. You like to take chances knowing it will save you money

  • You are highly organized and know your customers well
  • You order products 2-4 days in advance
  • You like to control the price you pay for your inventory
  • You enjoy the thrill of a live auction
  • You can gauge what you will sell in one week, let alone one day
  • You require high volumes of certain products such as Alstroemeria, Carnations, Hydrangeas, Roses, Gypsophila, Sunflowers
  • You want to pay the best possible price and will invest the time ensuring you are saving 20% - 30% with every purchase
  • You are up on the latest trends and know the market
  • You want the peace of mind provided by your dedicated Account Manager


OverNight delivers your product the very next day right to your door. This is ideal for those in a pinch or who just do not like to wait. Now you don't have to wait for flowers to arrive at your door.

  • You must have product delivered tomorrow, without exception
  • You need to know your product price is competitive
  • You are customer service focused and strive to keep all your customers happy
  • You meet all the special requests and order demands of your clientele
  • You have an immediate need for certain products
  • You require true variety and product selection
  • You need an ordering process that is quick, easy and reliable
  • You want an all-in price with no surprises shipping costs of a rush delivery
  • You have limited time and demand the confidence knowing your order will be fulfilled NOW!


Buy The Bunch® allows you to order in smaller quantities enabling you to mix and match any product. Take advantage of buying in smaller quantities to and get exactly what you want, when you want it.

  • You want access to a wide variety of fresh products all the time
  • You want the flexibility to mix and match any products
  • You buy frequently and require several varieties in small volumes
  • You want the convenience of delivery right to your door
  • You are busy serving customers so you buy flowers on your schedule, 7 days a week, 24/7
  • You want the peace of mind your dedicated Account Manager provides
  • You want competitive pricing


AutoBid is there to help. If you have limited time to participate in the live auction, let our AutoBid buying method do the work for you. Just enter your product quantities and the price you want to pay. You would like certain products with no set delivery date.

  • Saving 30% on your flowers is very important to you
  • You enjoy participating in the internet auction
  • You are prepared to take a product only if the price is perfect for you
  • You have limited time to participate in the live internet auction but still want the ability to save money and control your purchase price
  • You know what you want to pay for your products
  • You know exactly when you need your order fulfilled
  • You demand access to a wide variety of products
  • You are prepared to take a risk on the delivery date knowing that you can always participate in future auctions or take advantage of the overnight option
  • You want a choice of delivery options that best meet your needs


BuyNow is the option for you. Simply enter the number of boxes you need and leave the rest to us. You absolutely must have a certain product and know exactly when you need it for.

  • You like to keep things simple and are busy running your business
  • You are efficient and like to get things done quickly
  • You know exactly what products you want to order
  • You likely have scheduled a time in your day to place your order
  • You know exactly when you need your order fulfilled
  • You are confident in the competitive prices offered by FlowerBuyer
  • You want a choice of delivery options that best meet your needs
  • You like that your dedicated Account Manager is only a phone call away if you need them


Professional offers an interactive buying system that allows buyers and growers to negotiate. You are willing to negotiate the best price and like the excitement of an interactive negotiating tool.

  • You know your business well and can plan for select orders well in advance
  • You know your product requirements and want to know all of your options
  • You know your price point and like to be in control of your costs
  • You have the time to invest ensuring you are getting the very best possible value for your dollar
  • You demand product flexibility and are prepared to negotiate to ensure you get the best arrangement for your needs
  • You know your expected sales volume for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day
  • You want to capture all of your requests in one consolidated forum


Standing Orders are the solution if you value your time and like the convenience of pre-ordering your products. You repeatedly require certain products of the same quantity each week.

  • Your business is running like clockwork and your time is important to you
  • You want the savings benefits of average pricing
  • You like to place your orders 3-12 months in advance
  • You want the ability to select your favorite Growers
  • You want to fit your orders into a weekly delivery schedule
  • You demand product consistency
  • You want the peace-of-mind knowing your flowers are pre-ordered
The Hard Goods Shopping Center offers members excellent price point on many of the products required to operate a complete business. is about more than beautiful flowers.

  • You want a selection of products to help you operate your business
  • You want a competitive price point for your hard good items
  • You want the ability to purchase hard goods in smaller quantities to avoid sitting on inventory
  • You want access to brand name suppliers
  • You may not have limited space to store inventory
  • You expect variety and need it at your fingertips
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