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Alstroemeria Red 70cm 4BL  ST $0.07
Alstroemeria White 80cm 5BL  ST $0.08
Aster Suncarlo 80cm 10st/bu  BU $0.71
Birds of Paradise 60-70cm  ST $0.31
Callistephus Matsumoto Assorted 70cm 10st/bu  BU $0.57
Carnation Yellow Select 65cm  ST $0.09
Chrysanthemum Spray Cushion Bronze 70cm 7-10st/bu  BU $1.11
Delphinium Hybrid Triton 90cm  ST $0.42
Freesia Single Yellow 60cm  ST $0.09
Gerbera Large Dark Pink 50-55cm Netted Blooms  ST $0.05
Hypericum Yellow 80cm 10st/bu  BU $1.24
Limonium Beltlaard 80cm 300gr/bu  BU $0.83
Mini Carnation Yellow Select 60cm 10st/bu  BU $0.18
Rose Engagement 60cm 25st/bu  ST $0.15
Rose Fanny 50cm 25st/bu  ST $0.19
Rose Latin Lady 50cm 25st/bu  ST $0.16
Rose Marlyse 60cm 25st/bu  ST $0.18
Rose Spray Cherry Follies 60cm  ST $0.12
Rose Spray Ilse 60cm  ST $0.01

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