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March 7, 2019

"Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your help. I have used Flowerbuyer for some time now. The customer service you have given me has been wonderful. You were always there to help me in any situation. The flowers I received in were fresh, beautiful and long lasting.
I am proud that Flower Buyer is a big big part of my business.
Thank you for your help and always being there for me.
- Cartersville GA
February 22, 2019

"You have a great assortment of product, your pricing is hands down amazing, and maybe even more important than that, your customer service people are fantastic. Overall, it’s a user friendly experience, especially for those of us who don’t have time to spend going back and forth on pricing. It’s just a good efficient way to purchase product.
- St. Petersburg, FL "
February 21, 2019

"It’s easy for me to go online, convenient, and you have such an amazing variety of quality flowers. I love the customer service, and all the people are very friendly and sweet. Overall, it’s a combination of pricing, quality, and great customer service you offer.
- Linden, NJ "
March 2, 2017

"I convinced my friend, owner of another flower shop, to buy from Flowerbuyer this Valentine’s Season!
She knows I buy a lot of my flowers from Flowerbuyer, but had some concerns. I assured her, your service is great and if there were issues, they would be taken care of . Sure enough she bought from Flowerbuyer this Valentine Season. She had an issue but she was REALLY happy the way it was handled.
All in all I am very happy with the support from Flowerbuyer and especially you, Amina. Again thank you so much.
Mississauga, Ont"
August 4, 2016

"My flower shop has a reputation for beautiful, high-quality arrangements, and I have had a hard time finding peonies that fit the bill. Recently, we received a box of beautiful peonies from grower 1084.
These are the prettiest peonies I have ever seen! Outstanding!
Thank you, Flowerbuyer, for all you do for us!

Marty Harrelson AIFD,CFD, Wildflowers, Elba AL
October 21, 2015

"I wanted to call to let everyone know how much I loved the flowers I received today. It was Chrysanthemum Spray Daisy Fall Mix from grower #980. They are adorable, so pretty. An amazing vendor. I loved the bronze/orange color. I am very happy with my order.
Rye, CO"
February 25, 2013

"We are so pleased with our account with Flowerbuyer. We receive oustanding flowers from their growers and the prices allow us to keep our customers happy. Our rep is so helpful and her personality on the phone is exceptional.
Palm Coast, FL"
February 22, 2013

"We would like to thank Flowerbuyer for helping us have a sucessful Valentines. We had over 80 boxes of flowers shipped to us and had one minor issue. We sent 500 orders out and we wish we had that percentage. Thank You again for providing us with "FRESH" flowers, 10 years in a row.
Mount Laurel, NJ"
February 20, 2013

"I had to send you a note to let you know how pleased I was with the quality of the flowers I bought from Flowerbuyer for Valentine’s Day.

This holiday can be a very nerve wracking experience because there can be so many things that can go wrong on this 1 day flower sales event. Flowerbuyer eliminated a lot of stress with their on time flower arrival, and the overall quality. I was very pleased with the quality of the flowers I received from Flowerbuyer, especially the red roses, which were excellent. Just the fact that they were on time was a great relief for me. Please send on my kudos to all involved in getting me the best product possible for this Valentine’s Day.

The only mistake made was made by me. . . I didn’t buy enough.
Cobourg, Ont."
January 31, 2013

"Blue hydrangeas from flowerbuyer yesterday, beautiful... I took a few stems and used a high concentration of adsorption dye and they turned a beautiful pink/purple. Thought you may like this idea.
Flowers By Candle-Lite
Denville, NJ"
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December 5, 2012

"I love your site and the auctions. The flowerbuyer fresh has improved our profits so much and helps us dramatically.
Moulton, AL"
November 9, 2012

"Just a quick note to you about the lilies we received from Grower 1896 in Costa Rica. They were the LA Lion Heart and they are spectacular. Everyone in the shop has been oohing and aahing about them all day. I think the 120 of them will be all gone by the end of the day.
St. John’s, NF

November 8, 2012

"Sunflowers from Grower 1061 received last week were probably the best we’ve seen from anyone!
Dover, OH
October 17, 2012

"You are a JEWEL!!! Thank you for helping my co-workers when they thought that they had not received all the roses I ordered. I was away on vacation and they were needing red roses for an event here at the office. They were so delighted that you were so helpful.
With appreciation.
Beaverton, OR

October 4, 2012

"I just received my first shipment of flowers I bought in the auction and they are wonderful. Thanks For helping me. My orchids [Dutch Auction Grower 548 CYMBIDIUM SPRAY LARGE ORANJE HOLLAND 12-15BL 80CM ] are the perfect color for the wedding. You have no idea how many people told me they did not exist. I am not a computer wiz but you have made this so simple anyone can do it. Thanks Again.
Baton Rouge, LA"
October 3, 2012

"Had to send you this picture I took of a black magic rose [Grower 710]. We got these yesterday from flowerbuyer, didn’t expect much as they were from a #6 grower and very cheap. As you can see it is a beautiful rose, almost looks like it has a velvet sheen to it.... georgous. We always love the unexpected!!
P.S. My wife never comments on roses when I bring them home, this morning she told me how beautiful the rose is???
Denville, NJ

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September 7, 2012

So far these are the pictures we got back from the photographer. You can see your rose petals and dendrobiums.
Upper Darby,PA
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August 24, 2012

"Beautiful, the Palm tree – it looks great!! Very Creative!!!

I agree – Flowerbuyer is great, prices are good and the customer service is second to none – both at the office level and at pick up destination – staff are always willing to help no matter how busy. It is a great way to shop – stress free Auction on the internet and great service. Thanks for being there for us in this tough industry!!!!
Mums Flowers
Mississauga, Ont.
August 22, 2012

"Just thought you may get a kick out of this !! We had a customer call us today and ask if we could make a Palm Tree, of course I said yes as I love doing things out of the ordinary. As you can see by the photo, I made a pretty cool looking palm tree for them and all of the sago palm, arelia leaves, leucadendron, & lily grass were from Flowerbuyer. I made the trunk out of an old branch that I cut out of the woods and the whole thing stood about 5 foot tall once I was done. This was one of those projects that I was able to do within an hour after the customer called because Flowerbuyer pricing is so amazing, that we now stock so many different & unusual greens at all times !!
Flowers By Candle-Lite
Denville, NJ"
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August 8, 2012

"[My] husband and I recently purchased [this shop]. I just wanted to touch base with you and introduce myself.

[He] has been so pleased with, and I had my first experience on the auction this past Monday. As a first-timer at this, it was entertaining, and a great introduction to many types of flowers, greenery, and fillers.

I look forward to a great working relationship with you.

Were loving being in the flower business!

Thanks and have a great day.
Newport, AR"
June 7, 2012

"Hello. First, I just want to say that our experience with has been completely wonderful. The flowers are almost always awesome, and when they aren’t you are very quick to make it right. It is so hard to find that kind of service these days, and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate it, and what an asset you are to our business. Even though we’re a very small shop you provide the same quality and service to us as to the big guys, and that is almost unheard of anymore! So thank you for all that you do.
Baker, MT."
June 4, 2012

"Just letting you know that the Topaz roses I recieved from grower 1091 are really nice with really nice large heads. My bride is going to be so pleased.
Dyer, TN"
May 17, 2012

"Just a quick note of thanks for helping me out so much during Mother’s Day. Even when things go wrong, you always make it right. I can’t match a single number to save my life on a lottery ticket, but I sure am lucky to have you on my side...(insert stupid smile face here).
Buffalo, NY
May 15, 2012

"Just passing along the fact the callas from Grower 924 and 399, the bouvardia Grower 260 are the best I have ever had since started in the business in 1980. Hats off to them and happy wedding to my customer. You sure made me feel better this ridiculously hard holiday.
Eupora, MS

March 6, 2012

"Got my first item from you. What nice product. you were right, this stuff is real nice. Thank you for all your help.
Palm Bay, FL"
March 6, 2012

"I just wanted to say that I used the auction for the first time last week. I am very pleased with the product I got. Every thing is beautiful.! Thanks a bunch.
Opelika, AL"
March 6, 2012

"I just wanted to Thank You and everyone at Flowerbuyer for a great Valentines holiday for us. I was really impressed with grower #1033, they had an amazing product that we were proud to sell in our store. The other growers had great roses as well!
Duluth, MN"
March 6, 2012

"I’d just like to take a moment to say, THANK YOU. Valentine’s Day was a SPECTACULAR holiday and we appreciate all the effort you and your company went through to see that we had a successful holiday.
Orlando, FL
March 6, 2012

"Thanks so much, and thanks for being so caring. I could tell that you were as upset as I was about the whole thing, and I appreciate that. So, we’ll definitely remain loyal Flowerbuyer customers, because things do happen, and I do understand that it wasn’t anything under your control at all, and overall our experiences with you and the whole company have been excellent.
Baker, MT"
March 6, 2012

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that all the flowers we received last week, (for a wedding 3 days before V-day), were absolutely beautiful, the order was delivered to us on Tuesday the 7th and was primarily red roses, ranunculus, and so on… no problem with quality and the prices were very competitive. I ordered most items through the auction/autobid. One thing I should share is that the dyed red mini calla were beautiful deep dark reds, but careful, they do “bleed” and turn the water red too… but the client loved them.
Raleigh, NC"
March 6, 2012

"Everything I received on Thursday is super...I mean, probably the best I’ve ever had for Valentines Day. thanks for everything else. The freedoms and forever young are fabulous!!!
Valley, AL"
March 6, 2012

"Thank you so much, got the replacements and they are beautiful! So nice to know you stand behind your growers and your buyers.
Orofino, ID"
March 6, 2012

"The Freedom Roses from farm 1026 were in excellent condition. The heads were big, stems were straight, and there was not a single one that was damaged. The other flowers were incredible and I am 100% satisfied with not only the condition, but with your customer service as well.
Chicago, IL "
March 6, 2012

"I just had to shoot you a quick e-mail to let you know how wonderful all of Flowerbuyers product was today. The Kiwi Hydrangeas, both the small and medium boxes, looked like a hydrangea that we previously purchased through Holland but they were a third the price!! I think we ended up getting around 70 cases from Flowerbuyer for Valentine’s Day with the last bunch coming Friday. Cannot wait to see the roses coming in then. Thanks again for everything and looking forward to doing it all over again for Mother’s Day!!
Denville, NJ"
March 6, 2012

"Just to let you know grower # 1091 & 1186 should be told that they did a excellent job roses are beautiful local wholesaler was even surprised they were as big and beautiful as his.. Thanks for all your help on this.
Midwest City, OK"
January 26, 2012

"[ We are ] very pleased with Flowerbuyer and your continued customer service....thanks for being there for us.....
Sanderson, TX."
November 21, 2011

"Picked up some amazing roses from Flowerbuyer. ( Grower 849 Rose 50/50 60cm )
Mississauga, Ont.
November 18, 2011

"I want to thank a couple growers that I was so happy to receive their product: Grower 665, Rose Cool Water and Grower 646, Rose Tibet.
I am always so exited to open a box. When I received their product I was so impressed with everything; quality of the blooms, leaves, and packaging. I am not able to stop thanking them. One of the most important thing for me is the quality of the product. It makes the biggest impact on a floral arrangement’s look. Thank you again, and I am looking forward to working with Flowerbuyer again.
Brier, WA."
November 9, 2011

"Just thought you may like to see a photo of an arrangement that I just made using all flowerbuyer flowers, fillers, and greens (100% flowerbuyer)
Flowers By Candle-Lite
Denville, NJ"
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September 20, 2011

"The flowers I received last were to die for. Bravo to all the growers. I was so pleased and so was my bride. Hypericum (Grower 778), Lily Grass Variegated (Grower 1031), Lisianthus (Grower 356), Rose Peckoubo (Grower 249), Rose Pink Dorit (Grower 337), Rose Spray Minou (Grower 646), and Ruscus Israel (Grower 879).
Clarkson, MI "
September 7, 2011

"Thanks again to Flowerbuyer. The 12,000 roses for good neighbour day are outstanding. Out of the 12,000, only three broken heads. Keep up the good work. We are always very happy.
Hamilton, Ont."
August 11, 2011

"The roses we got are very nice & fresh. Grower #726, tell them thank you.
Las Vegas, NV"
August 3, 2011

"Just wanted you to know that I got all my flowers in today and they were for a wedding and they were amazingly beautiful. Everything I received was really outstanding. Please pass this on to all the growers. [Chrysanthemum - Grower 393, Gerbera - Grower 304, Hydrangea - Grower 935, Pittosporum - Grower 1374]
Liveral, KS."
August 3, 2011

"The order we received yesterday was very nice.Everything seems to be fresh and undamaged. We are very pleased about the quality and the change in your shipping method, [through Flowerbuyer hub] and the reduction in the shipping charge is very much appreciated.
Wellsboro, PA."
July 14, 2011

"Greetings. I thought it was time to tell you what a great job you are doing. Product is always fresh and in excellent condition and if there is a problem (rarely) it is always handled without question. By the bunch is a great idea for weddings.
Hamilton, Ont."
May 10, 2011

"We would like to thank you for the care and beautiful flowers that you sent to us for our Mother’s Day Week. The flowers were beautiful and healthy and just plain lovely! Thank you for helping make our holiday a terrific success!!
Orlando, FL
February 25, 2011

"We are very happy with majority of the product we recieve from Flowrbuyer, and very happy with the customer service provided to us. Just some thoughts to share, have a wonderful day, and a great weekend!
Salmon Arm, BC.
February 22, 2011

"The red roses from Grower 1091 were exceptional.
Collins, MS."
February 22, 2011

"I want to let you know how very pleased I am with my product I received from Flowerbuyer for Valentine’s Day. Everything was super fresh & developed nicely! My Dancing Ladies Orchids (Grower 1086) were amazing. The Freesia (Grower 706) was excellent. The Iris (Grower 1896) developed into gorgeous blooms. My roses were over the top !! The Freedom (Grower 665) opened incredibly and held at the perfect state of "classic rose". My Black Beauties (Grower 249) were to die for. Your product made my end result (fabulous fresh flower arrangements) look like the most amazing eye candy ever!! Thank you so much for the fantastically fresh product at great prices!
Portsmouth, NH."
February 18, 2011

"I just wanted to say what great product we received for Valentine’s Day. Product was fresh and in great condition. I wanted to thank you for a job well done!
South Windsor, CT."
February 17, 2011

"I have used Flowerbuyer with excellent results. The employees are so helpful and friendly. Please keep up the good work. It is unusual to find a company that will treat small shops like someone that places large orders. Thank You.
DeWitt, AR."
February 17, 2011

" did an outstanding job and I was extremely pleased. Thank you to everyone for all the hard work to ensure we receive outstanding flowers and greenery everyday but especially for our premier day, the day we really get to shine, Valentine’s Day.
Marion, AR."
February 16, 2011

"Hi- just wanted to say thanks for all the beautiful flowers. They helped make our holiday beautiful.
Greenville, SC."
February 15, 2011

"Just wanted to let you know the farm that provided our Vital red roses, (Grower 722), did a wonderful job. We had very little waste and very fresh product. We got a few from another farm that were no where near the quality of the ones through Flowerbuyer. Pass it along, and sell them with confidence.
Roanoke, VA.

February 15, 2011

"(Valentine’s Day) It was much busier than the last few years. Thank you for your awesome customer service this holiday, it means a lot.
Pataskala, OH. "
February 11, 2011

"Thank you FlowerBuyer. Valentines is a very stressful, high emotion, high volume holiday, and one of the things that are most important, is the quality of the product! I buy for more than one shop, it’s a "buying group". It’s even MORE difficult, when OTHERS rely on my product acquisition, and the stress that THEY must endure, awaiting arrival of THEIR product! My heart is getting old, my nerves are getting tense, my reliance on suppliers like FlowerBuyer, is very intense! I’m almost in tears......all the product we received via FlowerBuyer is absolutely outstanding, fresh, and without issues.....I’m almost overwhelmed! I wanted to say thank you again, you’ve come through again, as you’ve done every time before!!
Dundas, ONT.
February 11, 2011

"Our red roses have arrived along with some other boxes. I am relieved and would like to say thank you, and that I know it must be extremely stressful for all of you at Flowerbuyer due to the storms. We are still unpacking and processing the flowers. Thank you so much.
Scobey, MT."
February 10, 2011

"PS...Flowers that have come in already for V-Day look fabulous!!!!!!!
Greenville, SC."
February 10, 2011

"Great work from everyone at Flower Buyer!!
Scobey, MT"
February 9, 2011

"Picked up this Invoice product this morning.
Carnations are premium quality. I have to remember this grower.(Grower 819)
Roses were wonderful (can’t believe they are Grade 7), I should have brought more!!!.
I bought a few hundreds of roses from another well-known wholesaler – they were good; however, Flowerbuyer product was excellent. Next year I will buy all from Flowerbuyer. I am really happy with the product, the service at your end, and at pick-up. They have hired wonderful guys to help out, and they are doing an exceptional job under stressful conditions – very considerate and willing to help!!!
Thank you all – for making a stressful week a little better.
February 9, 2011

"Hello my dear, and good morning. Just to let you know the freedom roses we got this year are the best ever. We just cant get over them (Grower 1143). The quality is just excellent with strong stems and beautiful heads.
London, Ont.
January 26, 2011

"Thank you for "holding my hand" through my first purchase. I received my box just before 1pm. I am very happy with the results. The flowers are beautiful. I have placed my order for VD and am looking forward to my delivery.
West Roxbury, MA
January 6, 2011

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the flowers, they are beautiful! The last shipment was great as well. I have done a few arrangements and my clients are amazed at how long the flowers are lasting. Thank you so much, I hope to place a V Day order within a couple of days.
Bend, OR
December 14, 2010

"We’ve been buying from Flowerbuyer for almost 8 years. During that 8 years we purchased on a monthly basis, sometimes twice a month. The last year or so we’ve been buying on a weekly basis. Flowerbuyer is our main supplier of "FRESH FLOWERS". We also have to thank, [you] for [the] excellent service.
Philidelphia, PA.
December 1, 2010

"The colored roses [Grower 745] we got are superb, this is one of your best growers - especially the Sweetness rose is simply perfect - colorong, condition, everything!

It is a great pleasure to work with such good material and wanted to thank you!
New York, NY"
October 26, 2010

"[Grower 1094] I have used this grower twice and both times we got really nice roses and a good selection. The heads and stems are nice and big. I will be using this grower from now on.
Cochran, GA.
October 22, 2010

"Yesterday we received a box of 70cm red roses via Priority overnight from Grower #1091. They are the most gorgeous red roses that I believe I have ever seen. The color is so vivid. The foliage is dark green and the stems are strong.

So many times, we take the time to complain but fail to pass on a compliment. Thanks for all your great products.
Ashburn, GA.

October 19, 2010

"Today I received a box of roses from Grower 1094 Equatorian. I have to tell you that this grower is very professional, grade 10. The way they packed the roses is so meticulous. The white one is closed on top with extra tranparent sheet quality of the roses A1.
Montreal, PQ
September 2, 2010

"Just wanted to let you know that we got the most beautiful light pink carnations from grower #819 last Friday. The heads on these carnations are just huge and very nice. They are the biggest carnations I have ever seen! Thank you for the great products and wonderful service!
Adrian, MI"
August 26, 2010

"I would like to say a big THANKS to you for being so amazing a sales person for all this time when working with me.
Also I want to tell you how great the product was I got today, regarding all calla lilies. Big thanks to grower 937 for incredibly beautiful Faith roses, and to grower 666 for Roses Spray Majolica.
I am looking forward to working with all of you in future and I love to refer your company to any florist I know.
Brier, WA.
August 23, 2010

"I want to thank you for the great customer service I receive from you and everyone at While you away on vacation your co-workers did a great job answering my questions and addressing my concerns.

Again thanks to all of you there at for making my life easier by having such high standards in product, price point and most of all an empowered staff that cares. You rock.
Marion, AR
August 12, 2010

"The orchids that we received were absolutely beautiful. Please tell the grower they were amazing! Probably the prettiest I’ve ever seen! [Grower 275]
North Lawrence, OH"
August 11, 2010

"I have returned from the wedding job in Wisconsin.
The flowers were absolutley fantastic....some of the best I have ever ordered through Flowerbuyer!
Carrabelle, FL."
July 22, 2010

"I wanted to let you know how great all the flowers I have ordered from have performed. I could not be more pleased with all that I have recieved.
Marion, AR."
June 25, 2010

"Hi, I just wanted to drop you a note to say that the quality of my flowers is truly top notch! I’m happy happy!
Seattle, WA"
June 24, 2010

"I just want to say Thank You for your help in getting the Canadian Gerbs for my wedding last weekend.

They were absolutely stunning and my bride and her mother were extremely happy.

You’re the best rep!! Thanks again……and please let grower #1025 (I think that was the number) that their product was wonderful….
Millinocket, ME

May 7, 2010

"We have received over 275 boxes of flowers from you this past Mother’s Day. We love having such a reliable supplier, especially when it counts the most. Thank you for being there through the busy and the slow times providing us with excellent product to pass on to our customers. THANK YOU!
Foxboro, MA
May 7, 2010

"Just want to thank everyone for the fresh quality and beauty of the flowers we have received for Mother’s Day. We appreciate your service. Thanks again.
El Dorado, IL"
April 30, 2010

"Your attention and prompt response are greatly appreciated. When we choose our suppliers quality product and customer service are deciding factors. We will be working with you more in the coming months.
Pittsburgh, PA"
April 22, 2010

" Just a quick note to say thanks for coming through for me again. As frustrated as I get at times with product, picture taking, and long drawn out claim forms, it really is assuring to know that Flowerbuyer really does stand behind its product and truly understands the needs and concerns of its customers. You have always handled my concerns, problems---and even praises---so quickly and efficiently. There has never been a question or concern that you haven’t addressed almost immediately. It is comforting to know you are only a phone call or e-mail away! Again, many thanks for simply being so terrific!
Buffalo, NY."
April 12, 2010

"I recently ordered two boxes of roses: (1) Red and (2) Pink. WOW! They both turned out to be fantastic. The red ones were Rose Orange France (Grower 249)- these were brilliant red roses, not orange at all but a vivid, almost neon red-wow. Then, the pink ones were Rose Esperance-they had pink edges on white. The size of these was the wow; all were absolutely HUGE. (Grower 623)
Dallas, TX"
April 12, 2010

"The colors from Grower #723 have been much better. They have been giving us pink, true yellow, white, lavender and the rest of the colors have been orange shades but at least some of the spring colors have been in our boxes. I just wanted to say thanks for overseeing my account and taking care of things when I need your help. Your friend.
Lansing, MI "
March 16, 2010

"I just wanted to drop a not to you and let you know the superior quality of the flowers I received today. It is such a pleasure getting the flowers. We have a large wedding on Saturday and we are looking forward to using all the flowers we received today.

The calla lilies (Grower 1040) are wonderful, the hydrangea (Grower 989 and 976) is fantastic. The agapanthus (Grower 308) is outstanding, and the lilies (Grower 1073), although a little green today will I am sure be beautiful. The grower for the lilies should let his packing secret out to all the others. They were packed with care and extra TLC.

Send them and extra thank you from me.
Fort Myers, FL

March 8, 2010

"Thank you so much they are beautiful and it was a beautiful wedding all the flowers were fabulous. You and your company did a great job God Bless.
Auburn, IL"
March 4, 2010

"I just did a cost comparison between Flowerbuyer and one of my local wholesalers. Even though the invoice was a small one--Flowerbuyer Buy The Bunch program was over 27 percent less expensive than I could have purchased locally!! I’m just amazed at the difference. Now if we could just get a little more variety in your offerings I’d feel like Flowerbuyer could be just about the only place to order fresh product from!!!
Woodbridge, CA"
February 25, 2010

"Thank you so much for getting the antique green hydrangeas to us! They are the most beautiful we have seen in a very long time. I am making a note of Grower 814 for future reference.
Jackonsville, FL.

February 22, 2010

"I would like to thank you for a wonderful service and products that Flowerbuyer provides.
Lewiston, MT"
February 17, 2010

"We, at Holden’s, review our purchasing "habits" every couple of years, and are ALWAYS on the lookout for better, faster, and more reliable product suppliers for our repeat customer base, and new ways to attract potential clients for our growing business. It’s NOT every day, that we can honestly say that a supplier like FlowerBuyer, and it’s terrific and empathetic staff, could do any better, but, they ALWAYS take care of us, and our account manager is nothing short of a dream come true...something that is becoming more rare, as each day passes!

For those of you that ARE FlowerBuyer customers, good for you, treat them well, and they’ll treat you better...for those of you that AREN’T, for whatever reason(s), are you NOT always looking for the best service, and best product lines, in these turbulent times??

We give our best, we EXPECT the best, and we GET the best, from FlowerBuyer!!
Dundas, Ont.
February 12, 2010

"I wanted you to know that all of my flowers were really spectacular for this week. My red roses might have been the best I have ever seen on Valentines. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Fort Myers, FL
February 11, 2010

"I love your tulips, they are the best. They open and hold up great.(Grower 1005)
Westminister, CO"
February 11, 2010

"Just want you to know that the Israel Ruskus (Grower 308) that came today was PERFECT!

Every leaf was BEAUTIFUL!!!
Orlando, FL"
February 5, 2010

"I purchased Lisianthus Double Purple from By The Bunch for delivery today and it is the most stunning I have ever seen in my 10 years being a florist. {Grower 775}. Please let them know how happy I am with the product.
Holly Springs, NC
February 5, 2010

"Wow, the flowers that came in this week were just AWESOME! I am really happy.
Evergreen, CO"
January 28, 2010

"Thanks for checking for me! Your company has excellent customer service!
Kendalville, IN"
January 28, 2010

"Thanks for everything. You are so sweet.
Brodheadsville, PA"
January 25, 2010

"Thanks and by the way grower 1013 for roses is excellent every time we get their roses. Outstanding to find a grower I love love love. Thanks.
Chagrin Falls, OH
January 18, 2010

"I really like the new Buy The Bunch method. It lets me quickly know the total cost (including shipping). By using it, I can order a nice sampling of products without having a lot go to waste. The prices are still cheaper than my local wholesalers and it’’s delivered to my door!!
Charleston, SC
January 12, 2010

"Everything was gorgeous as usual. Have a good week!
January 12, 2010

"Just want to thank you for the great service you provide.We have been buying from for over a month now and I am very impressed with the quality of flowers we have received. We have been in the floral business for over 25 years and must admit you have sent us some of the highest quality flowers we ever got. We truly appreciate all the effort that must go into it at every stage of the process.
January 5, 2010

"Happy New Year to You!!!

I had a great New Years Day thanks to the Auction being in full you can see.

There were some GREAT bargains!!!
Orlando, FL"
December 18, 2009

"The 2 boxes of Button Mums that you shipped me from Grower #339 are simply OUTSTANDING!!!
The "breaks" are long and the blooms are sturdy. We are thrilled with the finished presentation.
Please let Grower #339 know how appreciative we are here at Town Center Florist.
Orlando, FL"
December 9, 2009

"I want to let you know that the assortment in the assorted roses from vendor 618 was the nicest assortment that I have gotten in a long time. The mix of colors and bicolors is fabulous. Thank you - thank you.
Cutler Bay, FL
December 8, 2009

"The roses [ Rose Forever Young, Grower 865 ] I received last week were the most beautiful I have had in a very long time. I want those for valentines order. They are gorgeous. Thanks for all your help.
Metter, GA"
December 7, 2009

"This shipment was probably the best overall quality of any from FlowerBuyer. Gerberas, (Grower 720), received this week were excellent. The spray roses, (Grower 913), were fine as well as being a good color assortment. The rose Akito, (Grower 722) was perfect. All was good!
Dover, NH. "
December 4, 2009

"Thanks for being so nice and helpful to us.
Junction City, KS"
December 4, 2009

"I always appreciate the wonderful customer service that you provide to our flower shop. The roses were perfectly gorgeous for a casket piece.
Ashburn, GA
December 3, 2009

"Good Morning. Thank you for always helping my shop with our problems.
Portsmouth, NH
November 23, 2009

"For the most part the flowers are absolutely gorgeous. Such a nice pleasure to open box after box to find such beauty. Have a great Thanksgiving.
Moultonborough, NH"
November 20, 2009

"I was just watching the auction. You have added quite a few new growers and products in the last 2 months. I am impressed.
Durham, NC

November 20, 2009

"Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the new buying system that you offer where we can get them "buy the bunch including delivery"...thanks!
Jacksonville, FL"
November 17, 2009

"Is there any way of finding out who the grower is for the Forever Young roses we received today? They are absolutely the most beautiful we have ever seen.

By the way, I must admit, FlowerBuyer has made it very easy to do business with. The quality of the flowers I got today is excellent. My brides will be very happy.

Thank you and everyone who packs the flowers. It shows extra care is taken.

(Thank you. The Grower was 1014)

Fort Myers, FL"
October 29, 2009

"The Gerbera Daisies (Grower 1896) are extremely pristine this week. The colors are vibrant and I am amazed at the size. Most of the flower heads are about 8-9cm but about 20 stems are 12-13 cm. Thanks for being so helpful. You are very personable and easy to work with. I appreciate all your ideas and hope to continue my business with you.
Wolfeboro, NH
October 26, 2009

"I wanted to say THANKS for the excellent flowers that we got this last week. The lilies, mini callas, black magic, and the roses were such excellent quality!!!! They made the arrangements and I had so many people say the flowers were exquisite! The mini callas were some of the prettiest ever! So thanks for such great stuff!
Fuquay - Varina, NC"
October 23, 2009

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the quality of the products that have been received, especially the assorted greens and roses! This past week, I ran low for a funeral and ordered some emerald and leather from one of my local suppliers. What an eyeopener as I was only able to utilize 1/2 of the bunches - the rest was composted.

My cardinal business rule for greenhouse or fresh is - if I wouldn’t buy it, it doesn’t go out for sale. Until trying FB, I’d assumed everyone’s product looked the same and was resigned to large amounts of waste - I’d even had salesmen from 2 different companies tell me I needed to learn to expect lesser quality! I even used to order-in 2 days early to have time to get replacements but those days are gone - I trust that the product received from FB will be wonderful.

I am so happy to have heard about you - thank you!
Laura, NY
October 5, 2009

"Thanks for always taking great care of us.
Greenville, SC"
September 30, 2009

"I just got a shipment of Fantail Willow (Grower 1045); just wanted to say it was great product!
Raleigh, NC"
September 30, 2009

"...still have some of the roses ordered in the first week of September from Grower 1014 that remain 100% flawless. We’ll be best friends fo a long time...
Ashburn, GA"
September 30, 2009

"LOVE the pictures now by the description of items on the auction-really helpful especially for all thoses roses! Just opened a box from "professional" of orange mini-callas-just beautiful.
Grayslake, IL"
September 16, 2009

"Thanks for your prompt attention. The items [Buy the Bunch]came in today and they were as usual all beautiful!
Fort Myers, FL
September 15, 2009

"Love the new picture icon. It has been quite helpful. I know most flowers but sometimes not 100% on the color of roses etc. Previously I had to open another browser to see the roses color now I do not have to do that. Flowerbuyer is always making things better and more streamline for the buyers, which I greatly appreciate. If you keep it up I won't have to order flowers anywhere else.
Blufton, SC"
September 8, 2009

"Just wanted to pass along a #9434688 was/is the prettiest blue hydrangea I’ve ever received. Please pass this along to the grower...THANK YOU! It makes my job so much easier when I receive such beautiful flowers.
Asheville, NC"
September 1, 2009

"I LOVE the way the auction pages are set up with the camera photo access-it’s so much easier to take a peek at the product-(TOTAL GENIUS!!!!!!)
Chicago, IL"
September 1, 2009

"We recently ordered some large Hydrangeas (Grower 219), and WOW they are awesome.
Dallas, TX"
August 19, 2009

"Last Tuesday we received a box of light pink Titanic roses [Grower 799] through the Priority Overnight Service. We had never ordered this variety before but were in need of a light pink rose to make a casket spray for Jim’s Grandmother. When they arrived we were so delighted with our selection. The color was perfect, the buds were tight, yet large but most of all they had the most wonderful aroma. We were so pleased with our product. So many times you probably hear negative but we wanted to take a minute to express our appreciation to your company for offering such great selections. We would have never been as satisfied with something from our wholesaler.
Ashburn, GA

August 10, 2009

""Thank you for very nice shipment of flowers. The 70cm [grower 394] roses were awesome. Also the 50/50 roses [grower 646] were all nice too. The alstroemeria [grower 812] are great, nicely packed, very fresh, also the assorted oriental lilies [grower 925]. Appreciate you all."
Las Vegas, NV"
August 10, 2009

""Just FYI - the orange exotica roses are ’gorgeous’ and ’huge’ pleased!!!"
Jacksonville, FL
August 5, 2009

""Just recieved an order... wanted to tell you that the freesia from grower 706 was GREAT!!! Fresh and packed great! Also, starfighter from grower 896 the same... Great, fresh !! Every thing was good, but want you to know these two stood out!!! Thanks!!!"
Elida, OH"
August 5, 2009

""You can’t even believe the stress you just took off my back!!!!! Your are the best!!"
Clarkston, MI"
July 28, 2009

""We are always so happy with the freshness and quality of flowers from Flower Buyer. Thanks"
Marietta, GA"
July 15, 2009

""I just received priority overnight gerberas from the 943 grower and I was so pleased with the way they had packed the product. Every gerbera was carefully wraped in a mesh and not a single head was abused. It was a pleasure to see that the farm cared as much as I do. Thank you."
Melbourne, FL"
July 8, 2009

""We started getting a standing order of roses from Grower 994 and the roses are without a doubt the best I’ve seen in many years. And they last so long it’s scary!" Borger, TX"
June 18, 2009

""I also wanted to drop you this quick email & let you know how blown away we were with the Canadian Iris. We have a big wedding this weekend of all blues, purples, & lavs. From the auction I was able to get blue hydrangea, liatrice, delph, & those amazing iris. I can’t thank Flower Buyer enough for the beautiful flowers & incredible prices!!"
Denville, NJ"
June 17, 2009

""I received on May 27th a box of Escimo roses that I had negotiated using the Professional method. The box was a 200 count pack and I needed just a few for a wedding and some for the prom that also was that weekend. Today, June 15th, I have at my home 20 or so of the rest of the box of Escimos. They are still stunning, no browning, no drooping heads and open to over 5” in diameter with a soft scent.

I am just amazed that three weeks later, I could feel very comfortable in providing these quality roses to my customers.

Grower 313, Flores Toacaso S.A. provided me the best quality Escimo roses and I am one very, very satisfied florist. Please compliment this grower and I have recommended them to my friends."
Millinocket, ME"
June 15, 2009

""All the flowers I got for the delivery on the 7th of June were very nice, specially the red roses freedom, & the carnations, they were all very fresh. I thought I’ll let you know."
Las Vegas, NV"
June 10, 2009

""Can you please let the growers know who I purchased from that the daisy (Grower #332 Chrysanthemums), button mums (Grower #807 Chrysanthemums) as well as eringium (Grower #205 Eryngiumand) were absolutely fantastic, super fresh and bright in color, high, high quality flowers." Greensburg, PA"
June 4, 2009

""Just wanted to let you know that we purchased the 50/50 pack from grower 1018 and it was primo! The quality was super. Some of the nicest ’Titanic’ Roses have ever seen."
South Windsor, CT"
May 19, 2009

""Grower 223 grow the most beautiful tinted daisies that we’ve ever received. Tell them thank you!"
Indianapolis, IN"
May 13, 2009

""I wanted to let you know that the two boxes of carns I got from 931 were EXCELLENT. They are a prime example of how it should be done. I thought you might want to pass it on."
Yorktown, IN"
May 11, 2009

""You are fantastic! and I love your flowers and your company!!"
South Euclid, OH"
May 11, 2009

""I just wanted to pass along something to you. Every major holiday I always expect to receive a few bunches of flowers that are not up to our quality standards. I’ve been in the industry for 25 years now and its something that always seems to happen during a major holiday, but not this holiday. There were just a few issues with some of the roses but really considering how much we got in everything was just beautiful! We are all so very pleased. I just thought you might like a compliment during such a busy and crazy time. My hats off to the growers! We have become a bit spoiled with un-surpassed quality and prices! Our customers appreciate that and so do we!"
Battle Ground, WA"
May 6, 2009

""Thank you so much for the best flowers ever this mothers day both from Holand And SA."
Melbourne, FL
May 6, 2009

""Just a quick note to let you know that the flowers from the auction were fabulous!! Thanks for everything!!! "
Chagrin Falls, OH"
May 4, 2009

""I would like to pass on some compliments, the lilies that we have been getting are absolutely amazing. The callas and lizzy were georgeous and I have been overall pleased, am happy that I have been using the auction I wish I had more time in my schedule to do it every week . Thanks for all your help."
Moon Township, PA
March 27, 2009

""Could you please pass this on to the head of your department etc:

I have been with FB for the three years I have owned a flower shop in USA and I would just like to say how fantastic you have been. Of all the things that have disappointed me in the USA flower business (i.e. FTD etc) you have been a light in a dark bucket!! Thank you very much for your fabulous products and support when there ever has been a slight problem."
Sarasota, FL
March 26, 2009

""I’m set (for now) for Mother’s Day.
So far our flowers have been great! We are very pleased with everything we’ve received though, including the service we have received from you. We look forward to doing continued business with you."
Arvada, Colorado
March 25, 2009

""I would like to thank you for all your help with the order. We took delivery of everything last night and it all came in very nicely. We were very pleased with the product. Again, thank-you."
Fort Myers, FL.
March 19, 2009

""I received my flowers today and each and everyone is fantastic...bright, beautiful and very, very fresh. Can you drop a line to the growers for me stating that the roses were large headed, tight a and the colors were gorgeous! The crazy daises were the brightest and freshest I have ever received, how do they die them? We have tried stem dying them and they never look nearly as good as your growers. Kudos to flower buyer for your fantastic products!"
Greensbury, PA
March 4, 2009

""I just wanted to send you a thank you for our Valentine’s Day flowers!  They were fabulous, and at an incredible price!  The roses stayed full and healthy for a long time, and even after they opened, they were still gorgeous.  In fact, I took a few "leftovers" home, and they lasted literally a full 3-1/2 weeks after their arrival date! Not only was I able to get a fantastic price with you (literally half what I would have paid locally), but I felt that our flowers were fresher."
February 27, 2009

"“Just to let you know how pleased we were with the orchids from grower #275 and antheriums from grower #995. These boxes were fedexed to us last week. Thank you.”
Norman, OK"
February 27, 2009

"“Grower number 996 is awesome for carns….should be up graded; ”
Dundas, ON"
February 27, 2009

""..please consider Grower #734 (Volkerfrieden Delph Dark Blue) for an upgrade in ratings (Excellent) Grower #962 (Stocks Double Assorted) for an upgrade in ratings (excellent) Both have demonstrated that they care about their product….it’s exemplary!!”
Dundas, ON"
February 27, 2009

""Thanks for the wonderful service. Hope you survived. I am sorry I was a pain. Valentines day went pretty well for us. Just trying to recoup after it. Have a great day."
Cleveland, OH "
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