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The most trusted source for your fresh-cut flower needs

Providing the best savings, selection, service and quality flowers to the florist community for over 20 years.

Flowerbuyer was created for the floral community to drastically improve the wholesale flower buying experience. In 1997, the very first North American online auction-based flower-buying site was launched. After having been in operation for over 20 years, FlowerBuyer is now known for being the top provider of high-quality flowers at the best prices, and has established partnerships with over 400 growers to service thousands of customers around the world.

Flowerbuyer.com provides the floral community with:

  • Big Cost Savings: The most competitive prices compared to local wholesalers.
  • Large Selection: Florists can choose from hundreds of varieties and growers.
  • Top Notch Customer Service: You can always depend on our top-of-the-line customer support and training.
  • Ease: A convenient, flexible and individualized online shopping experience, with product that ships right to your doorstep.
  • High-Quality: We stand behind our product. Receive fresh flowers or your money back – 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Online auctions are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:00 pm EST.

Flowerbuyer is a member of Teleflora, a leading floral service provider with the largest network of member florists and part of the privately-held “The Wonderful Company”.

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your help. I have used Flowerbuyer for some time now. The customer service you have given me has been wonderful. You were always there to help me in any situation. The flowers I received in were fresh, beautiful and long lasting. I am proud that Flower Buyer is a big big part of my business. Thank you for your help and always being there for me. - Cartersville GA
You have a great assortment of product, your pricing is hands down amazing, and maybe even more important than that, your customer service people are fantastic. Overall, it’s a user friendly experience, especially for those of us who don’t have time to spend going back and forth on pricing. It’s just a good efficient way to purchase product. - St. Petersburg, FL
It’s easy for me to go online, convenient, and you have such an amazing variety of quality flowers. I love the customer service, and all the people are very friendly and sweet. Overall, it’s a combination of pricing, quality, and great customer service you offer. - Linden, NJ
I convinced my friend, owner of another flower shop, to buy from Flowerbuyer this Valentine’s Season! She knows I buy a lot of my flowers from Flowerbuyer, but had some concerns. I assured her, your service is great and if there were issues, they would be taken care of . Sure enough she bought from Flowerbuyer this Valentine Season. She had an issue but she was REALLY happy the way it was handled. All in all I am very happy with the support from Flowerbuyer and especially you, Amina. Again thank you so much. Mississauga, Ont
My flower shop has a reputation for beautiful, high-quality arrangements, and I have had a hard time finding peonies that fit the bill. Recently, we received a box of beautiful peonies from Flowerbuyer.com grower 1084. These are the prettiest peonies I have ever seen! Outstanding! Thank you, Flowerbuyer, for all you do for us! Marty Harrelson AIFD,CFD, Wildflowers, Elba AL
I wanted to call to let everyone know how much I loved the flowers I received today. It was Chrysanthemum Spray Daisy Fall Mix from grower #980. They are adorable, so pretty. An amazing vendor. I loved the bronze/orange color. I am very happy with my order. Rye, CO
We are so pleased with our account with Flowerbuyer. We receive oustanding flowers from their growers and the prices allow us to keep our customers happy. Our rep is so helpful and her personality on the phone is exceptional. Palm Coast, FL
We would like to thank Flowerbuyer for helping us have a sucessful Valentines. We had over 80 boxes of flowers shipped to us and had one minor issue. We sent 500 orders out and we wish we had that percentage. Thank You again for providing us with "FRESH" flowers, 10 years in a row. Mount Laurel, NJ
I had to send you a note to let you know how pleased I was with the quality of the flowers I bought from Flowerbuyer for Valentine’s Day. This holiday can be a very nerve wracking experience because there can be so many things that can go wrong on this 1 day flower sales event. Flowerbuyer eliminated a lot of stress with their on time flower arrival, and the overall quality. I was very pleased with the quality of the flowers I received from Flowerbuyer, especially the red roses, which were excellent. Just the fact that they were on time was a great relief for me. Please send on my kudos to all involved in getting me the best product possible for this Valentine’s Day. The only mistake made was made by me. . . I didn’t buy enough. Cobourg, Ont.
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