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Selecting Fresh Cut Flowers from the Best Farms

Flowerbuyer is committed to providing you top notch flower quality.

When it comes to buying flowers, quality is everything. From wedding arrangements to gift baskets, freshness and color make all the difference for your customers. That's why choosing the right fresh flower source is critical for the success of your business, and doing so on your own can be time consuming and difficult.

Flowerbuyer is committed to customer satisfaction by providing a wide selection of flowers from growers all over the world. With our unique grower rating system, you can be sure you are working with the highest performing growers in the industry.

High Quality Standards Backed by You

With over 20 years of customer quality feedback, our site empowers you to choose among the best in the industry.

Constantly curated and refined using feedback from our customers, Flowerbuyer's rating system makes sure you only work with our most trusted growers.

Partners are rated based on their commitment to quality, order fulfillment, accuracy and packaging standards using our color-coded ratings chart:

grower rating scale

Before becoming a partner, growers go through a rigorous testing and sampling process:

    • Potential partners are placed in a probationary period.
    • During this time, a small portion of their flowers will go to market.
    • Grower quality is assessed through customer reviews based on flower quality, order fulfillment and packaging.
    • At a rating of 7 or higher, growers are able to sell directly through the Flowerbuyer platform. This ensures high-quality flowers and customer service for our customers.
    • After becoming a partner, ratings are updated consistently using customer feedback.

If you aren’t satisfied with your current grower, Flowerbuyer makes it easy and fast to change growers on demand. Simply choose another highly rated grower at time of purchase or ask your dedicated account manager for assistance.

Whether buying fresh bulk wholesale or customized flower boxes or by individual bunch, we make sure you only receive flowers from the best growers in the industry.

Our Guarantee

We are committed to helping our customers succeed by only providing the highest quality bulk flowers at the best possible prices.

Still have an issue? Don’t worry, we’ll make it right! Flowerbuyer stands by our 100% quality guarantee.

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