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Our Rating System guarantees you get the best flower growers in the business

By making product quality clear and transparent, our Rating System empowers our customers to make the right choices.

Understanding our Rating System
All of the growers Flowerbuyer partners with must adhere to thorough quality, order fulfillment, accuracy, and packaging standards.

The chart below shows our color-coded Rating System:

grower rating scale

To become a Flowerbuyer partner, every grower’s products go through a testing and sampling process:

  • • A small portion of their flowers will initially go to market.
  • • During this time at market growers are in a probationary period in which we assess feedback on flower quality, order fulfillment and proper packaging.
  • • Growers are permitted to sell flowers via the Flowerbuyer platform when their rating is above six, meaning that high-quality and customer satisfaction is achieved.
  • • Grower rating is consistently updated according to feedback collected.
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