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Providing you access to only the highest quality flower growers

When you purchase flowers from Flowerbuyer, you're buying from one of the best online flower wholesalers in the industry. We understand how important the origin of your flowers is when it comes to delivering high quality flowers for your business. Read on to learn more about how we connect our customers with top tier growers around the globe.


With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Flowerbuyer has developed partnerships with top growers around the world to source wholesale flowers, guaranteeing that you get high quality flowers on time, anywhere you need.


We work with over 200 growers of a variety of farm sizes throughout the world, including Colombia and Ecuador. Our representatives constantly communicate with our flower growers and do routine visits, ensuring their products meet our high quality requirements and standards.


Flowerbuyer gives you full control over where your flowers are sourced. Unlike traditional local wholesalers, if for some reason you don't like your chosen grower, you can confidently change to a different one based on our intuitive grower ranking system. To learn more about how we rank our growers, click here

Want to learn more about our growers and their story? Check out our grower spotlight below!

Flores SAGARO S.A (Gwr #1065)
Bogota, Colombia
As a leading company in the flower industry in Colombia, Flores Sagaro S.A. has been committed since 1979 to producing the best quality flowers in the region. A wide assortment of roses (38 hectares) and carnations (24 hectares) are grown year-round. The farm, located in the Sabana of Bogota, has been committed to protecting the environment and the welfare of our employees, who always work towards reaching our end goal, customers satisfaction. At Sagaro, we are motived to partner with innovative, competitive, and organized customers like Flowerbuyer, who carries a clear understanding of their requests, awareness of their deadlines, and the utmost level of integrity.
Medellin, Colombia
Cosmo Flower S.A.S. is located in the municipality of El Carmen de Viboral Antioquia, Colombia; Established on February 26th in 1998, with more than 20 years in the market. We have 30 Hectares sown, with a diversity of products to offer: pompon, disbud, spider, solidago, asters, sunflower, ruscus, hydrangeas, and bouquets.
The prices in seasons are competitive and the Flowerbuyer website process allows the farm to work in a more organized way, always having at hand on what varieties are needed.
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