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Our Flowers

Our Flowers
An example of Ginger that Flowerbuyer can supply your business


This product should be stored upright to avoid bending(geotropic).

Care Information: Unpack flowers immediately. Cut off at least 1/2 " from the bottom of each stem. Immerse the entire flower, including stem, in cool tap water for at least 10 minutes. Repeat the soaking process every three days. Do not refrigerate. Keep at 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit ( 13 -15 C ). Misting the flowers daily will help to extend vaselife. Change the water and recut the stems ever few days. To control bacterial growth and odour you may wish to add a few drops of bleach into the water

Production Area: Europe, South America
Storage Temperature: 13 °Celsius = 55.4 °Fahrenheit

Purchase Ginger wholesale, in bulk or customize your box by the bunch:

Purchase Ginger wholesale, in bulk or customize your box by the bunch: