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Our Flowers

Our Flowers
An example of Stocks Double that Flowerbuyer can supply your business

Stocks Double

Stocks are commonly used as fillers in all kinds of arrangements, and their versatility of colors ranging from white, pink, red, purple, yellow, and green, allows them to be used in all kinds of arrangements. In the Victorian "Language of Flowers", the stocks' colors have their nuances, but collectively they symbolize overflowing affection and contentment. This flower is not seasonal and is grown all year round.

Care Information: Store Stocks no longer than a day or two at 33 to 35F (0.5 to 1.7C); any longer and the fragrance fades. Vase life can last between 3to7 days.

Production Area: Europe, North America, South America
Storage Temperature: 2 °Celsius = 35.6 °Fahrenheit

Purchase these flowers wholesale, in bulk or customize your box by the bunch:

Purchase these flowers wholesale, in bulk or customize your box by the bunch: