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Live Auction: How-to

If saving the most money is important to you, the Live Auction is where you should be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:00 p.m. EST.

Our live Auction works just like the traditional Dutch flower auctions, where listed prices drop every 7 seconds until they are sold. Bid only when you see the price you like - we give you the power to choose what you want to pay on hundreds of varietals.

You will not only save 20-30% and upwards on flowers but will also have fun doing it.

This video will help you understand and master the Live Auction.

Autobid: How-to

If you don’t have time to participate in the Live Auction, our Autobid tool is there to help!

Any time before the start of an auction, enter your desired product quantities and maximum price you want to pay. Then sit back (or go about your busy day) and let our Autobid system do the work for you. Autobid is right for you if:

• You have limited time to participate in the live online auction but still want the ability to save money and control your purchase price
• You know exactly when you need your order fulfilled
• You demand access to a wide variety of products
• You are prepared to take a risk on a successful bid as well as the delivery date, knowing that you can always participate in future auctions or take advantage of the overnight option

This video will help you understand how to submit Autobids when you don't have time to join the Live Auction.

Open Market (Buy Now): How-to

If you know what you want to buy today, Open Market (Buy Now) is the option for you. Browse our current varietal availability and price list, enter the number of boxes you need, and submit your order. Out team will do the rest. Open Market (Buy Now) is right for you if:

• You know exactly what products you want to secure immediately
• You know exactly when you need your order fulfilled
• You want a choice of delivery options that best meet your needs

This video will help you understand how to purchase flowers immediately at your convenience.

Buy the Bunch: How-to

If you need to order a range of flowers or in bunch quantities rather than boxes, our Buy the Bunch program allows you to order in smaller amounts and enables you to mix and match any product. Take advantage of buying in smaller quantities to and get exactly what you want, when you want it. Buy the Bunch is right for you if:

• You want access to a wide variety of fresh products all the time
• You want the flexibility to mix and match any products
• You buy frequently and require several varieties in small volumes
• You want the convenience of delivery right to your door
• You want competitive pricing on smaller quantities

This video will help you understand how to build a box of custom flowers using the Buy the Bunch purchase method.

Overnight: How-to

Overnight delivers your product the very next day right to your door. This is ideal for those in a pinch or who just do not like to wait. Overnight is right for you if:

• You have an immediate need for certain products
• You need an ordering process that is quick, easy and delivers to your door next day
• You want an all-in price with no added shipping fees to worry about
• You have limited time and demand the confidence knowing your order will be fulfilled now

This video will help you understand how to order flowers for overnight delivery using the Overnight purchase method – shipping included!

If you need help with setting up Standing Orders, placing Farm Bids, or purchasing Hard Goods please contact us directly at 1-877-625-3243.

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