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Understanding My Spending Power

If you have opted into our Teleflora Clearing House program, please navigate here for more information.

Here are the basic principles you need to know in order to understand how your Spending Power works.

1. What is Spending Power?

Your Spending Power is the total amount of credit that Flowerbuyer has granted to your business.

2. How do you spend it?

You decrease your available credit as you make purchases throughout the Flowerbuyer website. The amount of each purchase is subtracted from the total Spending Power.

3. What is your Remaining Credit?

Once the amounts from your purchases are subtracted from your total Spending Power, the amount that results from that subtraction is your Remaining Credit. Your Remaining Credit is the amount that is still unused from your total Spending Power.

4. What constitutes a purchase?

Please note that purchases not only include invoiced purchases, but also those transactions that have not yet been shipped, and therefore have not been invoiced. Un-invoiced purchases will also be subtracted from your Spending Power, so your Remaining Credit will reflect un-invoiced amounts as well. You can view your un-invoiced purchases under the My Orders area on your account.

My Spending Power
+ Pre-Payment
— Unpaid Invoices and Credits
— Un-invoiced Purchases
Remaining Credit


The whole pie is your Spending Power.

pie chart spending power

5. What can you do if your Remaining Credit is low?

When your Remaining Credit is low or insufficient for a new purchase, you can add more credit to your Remaining Credit via the pay by credit card tool.

6. How can I increase my overall Spending Power?

If you would like to purchase more flowers than your current available credit allows, you can make a Pre-payment Using a Credit Card. This option allows you to increase your credit without having to wait for it to increase through regular purchasing habits.

7. I’m on credit hold, what do I do?

If your credit status is on hold, that means you have outstanding unpaid invoices on your account. Please visit the “Outstanding” tab under the Statement area of your Account. This area will show all outstanding invoices still owed to Flowerbuyer.

Teleflora Clearing House Program

If you are opted into our Teleflora Clearing House payment program and have been placed on hold, you must call Teleflora credit at 1-800-903-6017 and pay them directly for any invoices outstanding.

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